Ayazlar Lumber, Pallet, Chips, Logistics

Our Mission

  • Providing the best service in high quality standards,
  • Increasing efficiency with dynamic work pace,
  • Valuing a healthy organization of working conditions while creating jobs,
  • Duly responding the customer needs and expectations with a service principle in utmost rapidness and quality by comprehending them,
  • Maintaining a working principle by valuing technical fund of knowledge,
  • Providing raw material procurement without damaging ecological balance,
  • Fulfilling responsibilities in accordance with designated standards in the field of work safety

Our Vision

  • Running works in the present and the future with the insight of expanding and developing in the field of technology,
  • Bringing the honest and credible firm perception into future by corporate honesty and credibility values,
  • Becoming the most credible and the most preferred firm in Izmir,
  • Becoming an example with our firm portfolio and working principle among the most prestigious firms in Turkey,
  • Preserving the production that has been carried to the top level along with developing technologies for long years to come,
  • Aiming to enhance the progressive and contemporary firm identity by investing in future while thinking about the present in carried out efforts